Construction and development

  • cooperate amd support in construction and development on different group of parts in the area interior of cars
  • build up and digitalization from cuts and development and construction with CAD-CAM of parts, group of parts and different tools
  • construction from group of parts and different tools

Prototype Construction

  • modeling of prototype and master parts in the different product phases


  • manufacture and upgrade of drapery, as well as technical textiles
  • foaming
    • manufacturing of foam pads for  armrest and other parts
  • high frequency- and ultrasonic welding
    • welding of leather, synthetic leather and drapery with plastic parts for different products
  • stamping
    • manufacturing of cuts in leather, synthetic leather and drapery
  • cutter
    • computer support manufacturing with prepared cut datas in Gerber-size from leather, synthetic leather and drapery
    • the cutting unit fits especially for big lots
  • cleaving
    • processing of leather cuts to make sure that they have the necessary material thickness
  • sharpening
    • processing of leather and synhetic leather cuts to prepare it for the next steps like sawing,, padding, and so on
  • sawing
    • sawing of different materials and cuts to covers and other ready products
    • different seams and welds
  • padding
    • padding of leather and synthetic leather
    • padding of sawed covers on carriers
  • stapeling and glueing
    • stapeling from different materials (e.g. synthetic leather cover) on the reform area of a carrier
    • glueing different materials on the reform area
    • glueing of yarn
  • normed tests in quality